Serani Dubplates

Serani is a member of the young but very talented group DASECA Productions. As unique and potent as it sounds, DASECA Productions, the future pioneer of Jamaican producers have arrived. Three friends David Anthony Harrisingh, Crag Serani Marsh, Craig Andrew Harrisingh came together and started a production group called DASECA Productions in 2001. DA (David Anthony) –SE (Serani)-CA (Craig Andrew) was originated through the initials of first and middle names of each member. With a similar quest in mind, DASECA wanted to produce everyone from the best to the upcoming artistes. But with every business, the return of investment really begins in the third or fourth year in operation. While on the trail of being producers, Serani was approached by Craig “Leftside” Parkes to be lead keyboardist in Wayne Marshall’s Martial arts band. He took up the offer and broaden channels in the music fraternity for DASECA Productions. DASECA branched out and started playing on other producers’ tracks, learning the trade at the same time. Serani played on phrases on different beats such as, ‘Mad Guitar’ ‘Close Your Eyes’ ‘Good To Go (over dub)’ ‘Mad Ants (over dub)’produced by Don Corleone; ‘Rebirth (over dub)’ and ‘Steps’ produced by Renaissance; DASECA solely created ‘Chaka Chaka’ and ‘Clear’ which was produced by Fire Links, and so on. DASECA produced and released their first beat ‘Safe Sex’ with the European market enjoying the sounds of the various artistes. Their second production was the successful Anger Management riddim which was released in November, 2004 and is still playing today. Mavado has the hit single “Real Mckoy,” which has been given constant rotation in Jamaica and foreign radios. Bounty Killa, Mavado, Busy Signal have been working closely with DASECA, building a close knit family. DASECA has managed to break out Mavado and Alaine in the Danehall, Reggae industry by giving them a number of hits. Alaine and Mavado have now been able to work with other producers and well known artistes as a result of the buzz created by Daseca. DASECA made the beat for “Willie Bounce,” a popular hit by Elephant Man, which a number one hit song Jamaica for many weeks. With the success of Anger Management and the advice from Bounty Killa, DASECA was urged to produce Angrier Management which has kept Anger Management in constant rotation on the radio, parties, and sound clashes in Jamaica and abroad. Serani has co-produced the first two singles on Sean Paul’s new platinum album “Trinity,” including ‘We Be Burning,’ which was the first released single. The ‘We be Burning’ track helped Trinity smash a Jamaican record of 107,000 copies sold in the first week. Serani continued and made the ‘Smash’ riddim which hosts the song ‘Dutty Wine’ by Tony Matterhorn. Dutty Wine is the number one song presently in Jamaica and England. Serani has been blessed with the ability to discover talent which has brought to fore front an artist called Bugle. He has managed to hit the main stream with a massive song called “what we gonna do”(exercise). Bugle will definitely be a force to rockon with in the future. DASECA is also looking on a few more artists to break to the mainstream. Serani is also recording his own songs and promoting two new singles entitled “doh” featuring Bugle and “she loves me”, a groovy sensual song for the ladies.