Boom Steppa Dubplates

Its easy for an up and coming DJ to get overshadowed with the abundance of talents in what has become a highly competitive Dancehall Industry but 26 year old Fabian Wilson more popularly known as Boom Steppa has no plans of getting caught in that trap. A most peculiar name Steppa was given to him by a friend because of how he walks with a rhythm to which he later added the Boom to describe the type of explosive tracks he planned on bring to the mainstream market. At 6 feet Boom Steppa towers over not only the average man but also his lyrical contenders with sharp well written songs not to mention flows full of melody and clarity. Born and raised in the St. Catherine community of Central Village Steppa grew up pretty like a normal youth enjoying his childhood days but when he turned 15 his focus began to change and music soon became his calling. Starting out writing simple hooks Steppa spent his days teaching himself the techniques of song-writing and later began to share his creative lyrics with his brother who at the time was a trying DJ. As his content grew and his mind adapted to that of a recording artist Steppa had developed a style of his own and before he would finish high school was a budding DJ. former student of the Jonathan Grant High Steppa though he understood the importance of school some how couldn’t avoid getting into trouble and was subsequently expelled. The continued education came in the form of Tivoli Garden High were he did his final two years in school often times taking to the streets in search of recording studios to jump start his career. In 1998 his chance came as a link brought him to the Black Roots studio’s of veteran rock steady music icon Sugar Minnott where he recorded his very first single “Ghetto Life” a year later. The opportunity gave the still young Steppa even more confidence in his music and off he went recording for other producers. As the years passed Steppa took on the added responsibility of ghost writing for not just any DJ but some of the best in the business. Between 2005 – 2006 he penned “Foreign”, “A suh wi do it” on the Gigi riddim, “Love is the only way” and ”Smile” for DJ New Kidz as well as “Thug Love” for mr lexx, but it wasn’t until Steppa joined forces with the Alliance general Bounty Killer that his name began to resonate in a few circles. Bounty recorded two tracks for the young writer – “Firm & Strong” in 2006 and 2007 “Four Season” hit. That same year he was feature in the Holiday Medley video with Bounty, Vybz Kartel and Bling Dawg on a track called “That’s who we are” with mr lexx but soon after had to take a break from recording because he was shot and hospitalize for three months. Steppa however recovered and realized that his own career was essential recording the song “So Much To Me” on the Not Out Riddim In 2007 with a video directed by Robin Chin soon following For PayDay Music he has done “Nuh Bwoy” on the Gangsta Beat Riddim and “Protect Me Please” on the grung ghad Riddim, ”protect the children” on the merge riddim. Now riding high on the growing success of the single “naaw stay poor” it’s obvious boom steppa is destined for great things. A definite one for the future Boom Steppa believe his time to break mainstream is not far away and as such will continue paying his dues. “The future is unpredictable you know but at the same time I’m gonna always work the hardest I can because I wanna take my music to an international level and the ground work is necessary so this is just me looking for the hits to make it happen but I’m not going to rush it I’m just going to do Boom Steppa”